Why Here Why Now

Maybe you’re still on the fence or uncertain about purchasing a home because you’re not sure what the future holds in Washington State, more specifically in King County and surrounding areas. First and foremost you have to look at purchasing a home as a marathon not a sprint. Now more than ever before you have to look at purchasing a home as a long term not short term investment. If you’re still questioning or wondering why is that you are here in this beautiful state and why now you have an opportunity of a lifetime let me help you out.
Ask yourself is this a place that has longevity? I and a few others seem to believe so. There are certain reasons why we have not suffered the same ramifications as other states when it comes to price drops. For one we have several Fortune 500 companies that keep our economy going and growing and keep our residents employed. Companies such as Microsoft, Amazon.com, Starbuck’s and Boeing just to name a few. Even though these companies have taken losses, along with countless others, they are here to stay and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Not only are these companies providing high paying jobs that are attracting the young leaders and innovators of tomorrow but they will also be the companies hiring in droves once the economy rebounds from the greatest recession since the Great Depression. Simply stated by Dr. Florida, “Seattle is a high-tech and lifestyle Mecca.”
According to Money Magazine, King County had three cities that ranked in the top 25 Best Place to Live. One of those Mukilteo was ranked in the top 10. We have consistently ranked in the top tier of most educated populations in the country. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Seattle was tied for first place as the Next Youth-Magnet Cities. According to Sue Shellenbarger,
“Where young adults settle is no small thing. People 18 to 29 are the most mobile age group, and their past migration patterns have defined the future of regions, from the long rural exodus of the 1900s to the Silicon Valley boom of the 1990s. Youth-magnet cities gain an enviable cultural allure and a labor-market edge.
The young are likely to be more restless than usual when the recovery comes. The recession has brought migration to a grinding halt: Fewer people moved across state lines in 2008 than at any time since 1950, when the population was smaller by half, says William Frey, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit Washington research organization.”
Simply put this is the place to be and you now have the opportunity of a lifetime so take advantage while you can of low housing prices, record low interest rates, and tax credits that you may never see again in your lifetime.


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